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Our Members
Membership Information





Name _______________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________________

City and Zip Code _______________________________________ Home Phone ____________________


Occupation ____________________________________________ Work Phone ____________________

Breed of Dog _______________________________ Titles _____________________________________

Name of Dog ___________________________________________ Age of Dog ____________________

Your Previous Training Experience ________________________________________________________


Current Schutzhund Club Affiliation _______________________________________________________

The undersigned hereby adheres to the purpose of the River Valley Schutzhund & Canine Corp. (RVSCC)which is to promote and encourage the Schutzhund, Search & Rescue & Agility manner of training dogs; to demonstrate the advantages of Schutzhund, Search & Rescue & Agility training; and to sponsor Schutzhund & Agility matches and trials. The undersigned has read and executed the attached Waiver of Liability and understands the same. Dues for active members are $110 the first year (includes Schutzhund Rule Book)and $100 per year prorated thereafter. For Family membership (two people with same address) , dues are $130 the first year (includes Schutzhund Rule Book)and $125 per year therafter. Membership is renewable on the anniversary date. Membership in the parent club, Schutzhund Clubs of America, is required. Single membership is $60 per year and Family Membership (two people with same address) is $90 per year. As a member of the parent club, you will receive a bi-monthly magazine. Member is responsible for maintaining membership in Schutzhund Clubs of America. The initial dues and application for the parent club must accompany the initial dues and application for RVSCC .The undersigned has read and understands the above and agrees to abide by the rules of the club. Membership in RVSCC is pending approval by the Board of Directors.

Membership Application must be sponsored by two current RVSCC Club Members:

1) _____________________________________ 2) ___________________________________________

Date: ____________ Signature of Prospective Member(s) ______________________________________

Circle the type of membership requested (fees should accompany application):

Single Membership: $110 first year/$100 per year thereafter plus $60 USA membership.........$170.00

Family Membership: $130 first year/$125 per year thereafter plus $90 USA membership.........$220.00

The above membership has been APPROVED/DENIED by the Board of Directors

Date: __________ President of RVSCC ________________________________



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