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Sunny has been training dogs since she was five years old and that is all she ever wanted to do.  As most of us she evolved from the AKC obedience ring seeking something that would be more challenging and "Bingo" there was Schutzhund.  Sunny came to the Greater Atlanta Schutzhund Association in the fall of 1983 with her AKC German Shepherd, Kuno who had earned his AKC titles of CD, CDX, and Utility.  In the fall of 1984 Sunny and Kuno earned their first Schutzhund title and it was then that she knew if she wanted to compete in the sport at a higher level she would need a dog who was bred for the sport.  Sunny has raised and titled five German Shepherds to various Schutzhund titles.  In 1990 Sunny and Kera vom Wolfshagen won the Southeastern Regional Championships in the Schutzhund I division.  Sunny has been a member of the Greater Atlanta Schutzhund Association for the past 17 years and has served as Secretary, Treasurer and President.  In the spring of 2000 Sunny moved to Huntington to help her mother.  Of course Sunny immediately got out the Schuthzund magazine to contact the nearest club and got of hold of Craig Hayes.  At this time she found out that the club had fallen back to an affailiated state.  In the fall of 2000 Craig Hayes, Sunny Andrews, Kay Hayes and Angela Sweeney started the River Valley Schutzhund & Canine Corp.   With the help of Sunny the club is back to an affailiated state and will soon be a full member club in November. Sunny is currently training, showing and loving Bullet von Duncanhause SCH III.